When I announced to my NYC friends that I was moving to St. Louis in 2013, one of them asked, “What do they do for entertainment in St. Louis? Cow tipping?”

In reality, I attend many more cultural events living in St. Louis than I did in NYC. Working in BigLaw, I would never have bought an entire season of tickets to concerts or plays. I had no reason to think that I might be able to actually be out of work in time to attend them. Instead, I always bought last-minute tickets to see shows.

In St. Louis, I subscribe to seasons at Jazz St. Louis and other places. And I actually go to the shows—even if I have to do some work online from home afterwards.

So for those of you who do not live in St. Louis, I am instituting a recurring periodic post called “What I Saw in St. Louis Last Week.” If you’re only interested in my substantive law posts, consider this fair warning: you can ignore all posts with this title, as they won’t contain legal content. But I want to share with the rest of you what I see in St. Louis. So here we go.

Last week I saw the national touring company’s production of Beetlejuice at the Fabulous Fox Theatre, which was originally built right before the Depression as a movie house and seats 4,500 people. It has two fantastic pipe organs. And it now it has an enlarged stage that allows touring shows to offload and install their own mechanical stages and sets.

I also saw St. Louis jazz diva Denise Thimes at the Sheldon. She interprets the hell out of the American Songbook and more. I love her re-intrepretation of the Beatles’ classic “And I Love Her.” To my New York City friends, Denise and her band of excellent St. Louis musicians are playing the 7:30 and 9:30 sets at Dizzy’s Club this Thursday and Friday at the Time Warner Center. You should definitely go hear her!

I also attended a breakfast and a luncheon featuring NPR’s Supreme Court correspondent Nina Totenberg. She gave us such a fascinating glimpse at legal “inside baseball.”

And on Sunday, I went to the Blue Strawberry to hear Broadway and cabaret tenor phenomenon Ben Jones. His range and control of that gorgeous voice are incredible.

More next week.